Vivian Suter for Ricola

Suter has been represented in the Ricola Collection since the 1980s. Jean-Christophe Ammann included her paintings in his group show Sechs Künstler aus Basel in 1981 and the collection likewise features works from this period, some of which make regular appearances in the Ricola premises.

Since then, however, the artist has ventured off on a path of her own. She left Switzerland for a village in rural Guatemala in 1983. Once there, far removed from the art world and hence unlikely to be distracted by what was happening in contemporary art, she continued to develop her expressive painting by treating paint first and foremost as a material. In Switzerland, meanwhile, the artist Vivian Suter was all but forgotten. In 2012, however, the curator Adam Szymczyk invited a younger generation of artists to engage with her work both in a group show called Olinka or Where Movement is Created at the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City and, a year later, in a solo exhibition of Suter’s work at the Kunsthalle Basel. The Ricola Collection, moreover, never actually stopped acquiring paintings and photographs by Suter, even in those years in which she hardly exhibited at all.

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