Silvia Bächli receives the 2018 Ricola Collection Prize

The 2018 Ricola Collection Prize goes to the artist Silvia Bächli, based in Basel. The award includes prize money of CHF 20,000 and publication. The prize will be presented on September 12, 2018 at Ricola’s headquarters in Laufen, Switzerland..

The prize, which is being awarded for the third time, honors the work of an internationally significant artist. Silvia Bächli became known for her multi-part illustration installations in the 1990s. Her collections of drawings are presented as wall displays, characterized by an interplay of energy between the individual drawings that is both dynamic and harmonious. All Bächli’s work to date has been in the form of drawings, a medium that she has uniquely cultivated as a means of portraying her own personal perception of the world and continually developed as an art form.

As a global family-owned company, Ricola stands for high-quality products and tradition, but also for a modern, international and open-minded Switzerland. The shareholders in the Ricola family holding company have been curating and adding to the Ricola Collection of contemporary art from Switzerland since 1975. The collection’s pieces are displayed on the Group’s premises. Engagement with contemporary art is part of the family and company culture.

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