Pamela Rosenkranz for Ricola

How do artists see our products? What is their connection to Ricola and what do they wish to show us? For a company like Ricola that has been collecting contemporary art from Switzerland since 1975, these are obvious questions to ask.
Our new "art ad” is the work of the Zurich-based artist Pamela Rosenkranz. Her theme is the enjoyment and effect of Ricola’s herb drops, conveyed via a tongue-coloured monochrome colour field. Colour is her true medium of creativity. The image can be viewed on our website and in selected cultural media, as can the “art ads” of previous years by Shirana Shahbazi, Vivian Suter and Kaspar Müller.

Pamela Rosenkranz was born in Altdorf, Switzerland, in 1979. She belongs to a younger generation of globally connected artists whose works feature in shows all over the world. They have taken up the artistic methods and work forms of post-war Modernism and are deploying them to new ends. The artist has had works in the Ricola Collection since 2008. She represented Switzerland at the 56th Venice Biennale of 2015 in a show at the Swiss Pavilion called “Our Product,” curated by Susanne Pfeffer. Rosenkranz’s work marks an idiosyncratic and unmistakable contribution to our philosophical and scientific understanding of humans and nature, which for several years has been changing radically. It is from this perspective that her art addresses themes such as the colour blue, the function and meaning of human skin, and general questions concerning [...]

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