Kaspar Müller, Untitled, 2011
Photograph: Serge Hasenböhler, 2014, Neuer Betrieb

Kaspar Müller

Kaspar Müller’s works with colored glass balls play with the idea of decoration. Strung on a string like beads, the balls were all made by the same glassblower. The exact colors, shapes, and designs, and the order in which they are arranged are chosen by the artist. Despite looking like hemp, the line is not made of natural fibers, but is rather industrially made plastic string. In this work, the artist tackles the theme of how we perceive a reality that is itself an image or paraphrase. Popular culture and the world of commodities provide numerous examples of what Müller’s art explores and queries.

The décor departments of furniture outlets and department stores are a veritable treasure trove for him. Here, embellishment and imitation, art and ornament, true and false sit alongside each other. After all, furniture stores these days sell not only furniture in specific styles made by complex production methods, but also items that are deliberately made to look old and worn. The materials are new, but are artificially aged while still at the factory. The “vintage” look and blatant deception that it represents are a source of fascination for Müller. Abstract paintings whose painted surfaces have been ground down to the canvas, or items of occasional furniture hung on the wall like paraphrases of a present that is actually just a deliberate reproduction of the past, are among the many discoveries to be made at his shows. [...]


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