Yoan Mudry (b.1990)
I like it when it's hot, 2019
Acrylic and oil on canvas, 200 x 300 cm
Ricola Collection

Yoan Mudry on his painting I like it when it’s hot (2019) in the Ricola Collection

The images in the seriesSchizophrenic Valuesaddress current political topics such as global warming, white supremacist movements and animal rights. The compositions are deliberately simple; the aim is to play with the juxtaposition of two elements and two ideas.
Here, the painting was inspired by an old telecoms advert. I adapted it to show only the children on the phone (on the left-hand side of the canvas). The original advert extolled the virtues of globalization and closer interaction between continents around the globe. What was then the goal has today become a reality. What interested me most was the “Benetton catalog” look; the cultures represented have all been “westernized” and all the children are dressed the same, the only difference between them being the color of their T-shirts. The earth is behind them, a mere inanimate object.
Facing them (on the right-hand side of the canvas) is an image taken from a comic, which also represents the earth. However, this time it is anthropomorphized; it is laughing, and appears to have sunburn. It’s there to remind us that, behind all the smiles, globalization comes at a cost. That sunburn is something the earth would do well to do something about while it still can.

Yoan Mudry, 2020

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