Vanessa Safavi, Still Life 5 (African Samples), 2011 (Photo: David Aebi)

For several weeks now, the work Still Life 5 (African Samples) by the Swiss artist Vanessa Safavi has been exhibited in Ricola’s staff restaurant in Laufen. The work was produced in Cape Town, South Africa, in the studio of Pro Helvetia, where the artist lived and worked last year. Vanessa Safavi, who studied art in Lausanne, is interested in issues of cultural globalization. She is “especially interested in the mystery and social problems of alienation and identity in the history of humankind,” says the young artist, who has Iranian roots.

Soon it will be forty years since the Ricola Collection began acquiring works from the youngest generation of artists. Over the past year, works by Vanessa Safavi and other young artists, including Latifa Echakhch, Pamela Rosenkranz, and Kaspar Müller, have entered the collection. Several artists whose works are in the collection and are exhibited within the company are now considered classics of contemporary art in this country.

Ricola collects for the benefit of its employees and exhibits the collection in various locations within the company. Our art education is also aimed primarily at our personnel. Last year Roman Signer was our guest to discuss his work using the example in the collection. On May 21, 2012, Claudio Moser will introduce his work in Laufen.

There have always been requests for public tours for groups. Beginning this summer we will be offering a fixed number of public tours to interested individuals.

Information is available from Roman Kurzmeyer, the curator of the Ricola Collection:

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