RICOLA, 2005 (DVD, Ed. 1/1, Ton Pe Lang) by Annelies Strba, Videostill

Our website offers a view of the Ricola Collection. Since 1975, the Richterich family has been collecting art from Switzerland to exhibit in the buildings of the Ricola Group. The Ricola Group has no museum or any dedicated exhibition spaces but rather tries to integrate the artworks of its collection into the daily lives of its employees. One aspect of that involves regularly inviting the artists to present their work.

On December 2, 2010, the Basel-based artist Silvia Bächli was a guest of our art education program in order to introduce our employees to her work.

On Intra-Art—our webpage for electronic art—you will find recent acquisitions of works by Beat Brogle, Marc Lee, and Studer van den Berg as well as a video by Annelies Štrba, which was produced in 2005, shortly before the old production site for herb drops in Laufen was closed; the music is by Pe Lang. Perhaps you have the same experience that Hans Peter Richterich, the honorary president of Ricola, did: he enthusiastically describes his own recent discovery of the video on Intra-Art.

If you wish to learn more about electronic art, we recommend the publication Owning Online Art: Owning and Collecting Net-Based Art Works, ed. Markus Schwander and Reinhard Storz; an online version is available at It includes the article “Swiss Net-Based Art: A New Chapter in the History of the Ricola Collection.”

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