Kaspar Müller for Ricola

How do artists see our products? What ties them to Ricola and what do they wish to show us? That a company like Ricola, which has been collecting contemporary art from Switzerland since 1975, should ask questions like these is only natural.

The new “art ad” was an idea of Kaspar Müller, an artist who lives in Berlin. His photograph taken in the Alps of the Valais addresses the relationship between culture and nature. Like the works of Shirana Shahbazi and Vivian Suter in previous years, this image can be viewed on our website and in selected cultural media.

Kaspar Müller’s work shows a red glass ball in front of an Alpine panorama. The photographs from which the image was created were shot just below the tree line in the mountains of the Valais, in a village that commands views of the Grande Dent de Veisivi (3418 m), the Dent de Perroc (3676 m) and, to the west of the Matterhorn but here hidden behind the ball, the Dent d’Hérens (4171 m). Müller is an artist whose works turn on the perception of a reality that is itself an image or a quotation. Fortunately, there is no shortage of material for him to probe and explore in popular culture and the world of commodities.

download photograph (PDF: 3 MB)

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