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Marc Lee

Recording of TV-Bot 2.0: January 11, 2011, 11:04-11:32 p.m.
2011, USB stick, AVI movie, unique object

The software TV-BOT tries to sound out the structures of the streams of data on the World-Wide Web in order to find out how timely they are. Most of the information on the Web is not current but several hours, days, or even years old. TV-BOT tries to prevent this. It shows only information that is at most an hour old. Currents of information and news on the World-Wide Web, such as Web cams, live TV streams, live radio streams, headlines, tweets on Twitter, and so on, are constantly indexed and analyzed and their age is verified. In a second step, the most recent contributions are recombined and seamlessly assembled on the user’s screen. These recombinations of a wide variety of information thus provide new news. TV-BOT is thus presumably the most up-to-date television program in the world.

TV-BOT points to the future. The language, the continent, and the culture of the report are no longer relevant. The only criterion for selection is newness. There are no journalists or media companies in the background as gatekeepers deciding what should be broadcast and what should not, only the TV-BOT software, which is maintained by Marc Lee.


TV-BOT / recording: January 11, 2011, 11:04-11:32 p.m.