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onewordmovie.com/singletitle “Ricola”
Beat Brogle

Search terms: Ricola, Date Created: 22 / 01 / 2011
2011, Generative-software-based movie, Macromedia Director, CD/R, unique object

The CD onewordmovie.com/singletitle contains a structural animated film. The individual images were downloaded from the Internet using the search term “Ricola” and then compiled into a rapidly flowing sequence of images. The result is a film based on the online project onewordmovie.com.
Depending on the search term, the immense archive of images on the World Wide Web will generate banal, odd, or obscene loops of images, which can be seen as a panorama of the popular flood of digital images.
Every “Singletitle” CD is exclusive; only one unrepeatable CD is produced for each term.
The program for onewordmovie was written by Philipp Zimmermann.


onwordmovie/singletitle “Ricola” / Video documentation, 30 min. excerpt