The Ricola Collection includes art from Switzerland since 1950. The pieces are exhibited in various buildings by the Ricola Group, not just in the areas accessible to the public but primarily in inner zones: offices, meeting rooms, corridors, and employee lounges.

The collection begins with early works by Concrete artists from Zurich, with a special focus on Richard Paul Lohse and Camille Graeser, but also includes important individual works from recent decades, especially in the area of painting related to pictorial theory, and continues up to the present and the youngest generation of artists in Switzerland. It is a manageable private collection specializing primarily in abstract painting, drawing, art photography, and more recently electronic art as well (see Intra-Art).

The company’s owners associate their art collection with words such as “quality,” “authenticity,” “originality,” and above all “integrity.” Today people talk about “significant” entrepreneurship, by which they mean a brand strategy whose effects are not just external, realized through products and corporate communications, but also internal, determining how the company is run. The message remains the same. Quality: on the one hand, the good; on the other hand, genuineness and integrity. The collection and the values it expresses are just one element of this profile, but an especially visible one.


Art from Switzerland

Pamela Rosenkranz for Ricola
Kaspar Müller for Ricola
Vivian Suter for Ricola
Shirana Shahbazi for Ricola
Ricola Collection Prize
Guiding Ideas

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